Classic Etcetera

Founded 2001

Registration confirmation on the 18th of October 2001


  • Chairperson: Elena Denisova
  • Deputy: Sigrid Lauringer
  • Secretary: Ingeborg Assam
  • Teller: Alexei Kornienko

The CLASSIC ET°CETERA musical organisation has been working on extraordinary projects for many years now. On of them is called “The four seasons” by Antonio Vivaldi and is presented on four different violins. This presentation becomes even more valuable when you know that these violins are made by the most famous violinmakers in the world of which one is Antonio Stradivari. The estimated value of all four violins is 7 million euros. The audience and the press was very impressed after all the previous performances. This concept has been copyright protected since 2001. ©

Another one is meant to make classical music more attractive to special target groups, which did not have much experience with classical music so far. During a cycle of four concerts we try to combine high-quality performances of very carefully chosen classical pieces with e.g. the presentation of very valuable instruments, so we can assure that the audience a different point of view for classical music.

The target group contains mainly teenagers untill the age of 14 and their parents, who maybe only had very little experience with classical concerts. Very often this target group has during its education little or no contact to classical music, which leads to a sort of phobia towards this particular form of art. This means that traditional classical concert will not help them to overcome their lack of interest. It concludes that the challenge is to find a combination between high-quality concert repertoires and topic-related but non-musical parts of the programme, which would make the whole concept of visiting a concert far more attractive to the youth. The CD and DVD will be published in February. Producer: Herbert Waltl Firm:Media Hyperium.

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